Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wonderful Pets

I recently took in a rescue three year old Border Collie, named Rowdy.  He has the sweetest eyes and the most loving disposition, which is completely at odds with his name.  But since I have heard that changing a dogs name was bad luck, my family and I decided to keep him, exactly as he is.
Rowdy and Leah (our German Shepherd in the background)

He has been making his place in our house and lives and has quickly bonded with our daughter.  I have heard that rescue dogs are wonderful because they are so grateful to have a good home; perhaps that is true.  So, in the spirit of that thought, I have included a short story that I had written before and thought that everyone might enjoy reading. 

Open Discussion

    “Only time of day I get any kind of peace.  I swear sometimes having roommates isn’t worth the hassle of cheaper rent and food.”
    Louie acknowledged this with a grunt.  He hadn’t moved in the last ten minutes and he didn’t feel like walking over to the fence to talk to Max at that moment, so he stayed where he was and returned, “Not too bad today with mine.  They were gone most of the day and I actually got to nap some.”
        “Yeah, but yours is gone most everyday.  Is she ever home anymore?”
        “Not since Lisa got that new job.” Louie said.  “She’s working over at the factory on the edge of town and it takes her a time to get to and from work.”
        “How’s she liking the new job?” asked Max.
        “She seems to enjoy it.  Always talking about this guy she’s met out there, named Jim or Joe.  I can’t remember.  She get’s home from work and is always talking on the phone about him.”
This was news.  Lisa was always talking about some new guy.  “Wasn’t she seeing someone named George last week?” asked Max.
          “Don’t recall.  There’s been too many.  There could have been a George.  He obviously didn’t make a real impression seeing as how she’s excited about someone new.”
       “Poor George.”
        “Poor George my foot,” Louie droned on.  “Every time it’s the same with her.  It’s always about the first meeting and then she just seems to get bored.  Don’t know what’s wrong with her.”
       “So this Jim or Joe – what’s he like?”
       “You know how it is when she’s talking about a new guy.  He’s sweet and wonderful and she’s oh so happy,” Louie snapped with sarcasm.  “Disgusting.  Glad she’s not home yet, gives me some time to myself, you know?”
       “Perhaps he is sweet and nice.  And maybe he’s a really good guy that makes lots of money.  Or maybe he’s like some king of cattle baron and brings home steak every day.”  Max said.
Louie harrumphed.  It wouldn’t surprise him if this Jim or Joe was another one of Lisa’s boring suitors that would be in her life for like two weeks and every time he came over would try to win him over to get on her good side.  It had happened too many times before.
They both took a moment to contemplate the new guy. 
       “Well,” Max said, scratching behind his ears, “I need to be heading in.  It sounds like it’s gotten quieter in the house and that might mean that I can eat in peace now.  My roommates always leave some great leftovers for me from their dinner.”
        Louie acknowledged this with a nod and Max turned around and went back to his house.   Louie heard a car pull up to his house and glanced over to see Lisa pulling her car into the drive.  Giving a final sigh, he lifted his leg one last time on the fence and headed back to the kitchen.  Lisa probably had a nice dinner to put in his food dish since she was late.  As soon as he was done eating, he fully intended to head to his pillow on the floor in Lisa’s room and go to bed, he didn’t want to hear another conversation about the great Jim or Joe.

If you would like to learn more about the Humane Society and how you can adopt a pet, please see the following link:

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