Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back Online...

So, it's been a rough couple of months in this house.  Our family has had a lot of fastballs (not even curves because even if you see these coming, you still don't have time to prepare), and it almost makes you doubt yourself when you feel like you can't see the coming dawn.  I was reading through my last post and what shocked me was the fact that it was actually posted over a month ago!  When I first put this blog together, my thought was to have something out there at least once a week - time to pull all that back together.

The holidays are coming and if there is anything that is going to make you doubt your sanity, it's going to be getting ready for the holidays.  (Especially when you are a mother - at least for me!)  You feel the weight of every small decision that you make; not to mention the end of year evaluations that we all go through when we begin considering how we want to start the new year.  Resolutions....oh resolutions - what are you going to say is your New Year Resolution? (Yes, caps because it feels like it's that important right now.)

I would LOVE to hear from my readers about their own Holiday Blues stories and what you are considering for your New Year's Resolution?!? 

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