Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Looking for quiet?

Here's the thing about's elusive.  That's right.  It's not that easy to find, especially when you work, go to school, and have a baby, husband, and two dogs.  It's wonderful to have all these distractions, let me tell you!  And every time I want to sit down to write, how often do I simply pursue Facebook for about an hour and then have to get up and do something else instead? :)

If you are like me at all, you need a little quiet when you sit down to write.  I've got myself this really nice room that I call my 'mini-library' in my house, with this great big desk, and four bookshelves over flowing with books - the perfect location to sit down and write.  And where am I writing you now?  Well, I'm simply sitting at my dining room table with a glass of Chianti sitting at my side, periodically glancing out the window at my neighbors across the street who are walking their dog and I'm watching them with a fierce expression on my face because if I catch that dog pooping in my yard one more time....

So there you have it.  Sometimes, it's night and I just got my daughter to bed, and I'm thinking now would be the best time to sit down and so some writing.  It's quiet.  What do I end up doing instead?  That's right.  I pull out the TV remote and tune into 'American Idol' or 'Duck Dynasty'.  (Don't smirk, that's an excellent show!)

Now, instead of looking for quiet at the end of the day, I embrace the noise and everything that goes with it.  I understand and accept that there is never going to be the perfect time to write.  I accept that my life is a bit chaotic, and I love that.  I'm writing this post at my dining room table, while my dinner is cooking in the oven, my dogs are running around in circles and my husband is singing with my daughter.  That's right....go me!

My question is simply - where do you go for your 'quiet' when you write or work?  Is it really quiet at all or is there something that you have to balance as well?

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