Monday, January 14, 2013

Awaiting Creativity

Going into the second week of my annual challenge and I've come to discover that my muse isn't working the way that I want her to.  I thought for sure that the best story idea in the world would come up and get me right away, but of course that didn't happen.

I found it odd that the "golden idea" didn't just fall into my lap as I was sipping coffee at my laptop in the morning, while my daughter is crying because she doesn't want to get out of bed, my dogs are grumping because they wanted to go outside, and my husband....well, you get the picture.  :)  Finding that opportune moment to let my muse wander freely is an interesting struggle every day; so how do I find something to write about?

The lesson I learned after the first week of sticking to a daily word count is that I can write about anything.  It doesn't have to all be dedicated to that one work in progress, I can just let myself wander through all of my thoughts and just see what comes out of that.  

I feel like my writing is already improving because I work with it everyday and it isn't just a passing thought.  So, for the first week, I'm going to give myself a star.  Yay!

Week 1:
Word Count:  3,142
Submissions:  0 

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